The castle experience

A day in the life of The King Name DeRoo it don't get No better than that.




250 million dollar mansion

Mega mansion experience

Live the life of the Rich and famous for 1 night

The tropical island                  experience.Clubmed.

The Earth Experience

The palace experience

A King traveled to the future to satisfy your 

Every dream and desire

Virtual cruise line experience

The King is back

Ladies let's have the time of are lives and go in real time virtual time travel aboard many of my expedition "vessels"

The Prodigal Son in the flesh


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The country estate experience

All out sex party experience

Swingers lifestyle

In the Lap of luxury                 experience

A Real 👑

A Real time traveler

The Ascended one

Vertical joyride in a flying      saucer brought you by          DEROO   Entertainment.

Welcome aboard the USS LAMOUNT,My name is DEROO and I'll be your host for the evening of your life and a full service experience you 'll remember the rest of your life,now let's take a your through paradise at last:Are you ready ?


With kind regards


A master Magician